ТОО Equipment Procurement. Support. Solution.

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ТОО Equipment Procurement. Support. Solution.

Eqipment P.S.S is founded in 2015, as an unique business idea developing a diverse range of Products and Services for the Oil and Gas industry. We are poised to deliver solutions to our client's technical problems and

provide procurement as a services as needed.

The company is led by a team of seasoned oil industry professionals with an excess of 15 years combined hands-on and top management experience in all phases of the upstream oil and gas industry in Materials Procurement services backgrounds.

Our primary focus is to employ our specialized, technical expertise and motivate our team of professionals in contributing positively to the Kazakhstan Petroleum and Energy as main industry.

We are Procurement Professionals

Equipment PSS is a provider of technology-enabled business processing, technology and procurement services to customers in Oil and Gas and Petrochemical industry sector.

We are Distributors

Equipment PSS is an original equipment manufacturers' distributor for a variety of world-class oil industry products and equipment and offer post installation after sales service with provision for in country stock holding/inventory for prompt or just-in time delivery of critical service spares. We have the reach and means to procure materials from around the globe through a wide supplier/stockists network worldwide.

Installation and Maintenance Contractor



•Process Control Instrumentation.

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