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АО Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction 

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction delivers integrated solutions that provide water and electricity for the better lives of people.

Over the past 50 years, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has been contributing to Korea's economic development by facilitating the localization and exports of a variety of industrial plants involving power generation, desalination, castings and forgings, and construction. As a result, we have elevated the reputation of Korean-built industrial facilities worldwide.

Our technology and know-how built over the years have also made us a recognized Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor responsible for the entire project from design and engineering to equipment production, installation and commissioning in overseas power and desalination markets.

Our technological achievements have also been significant. In addition to securing proprietary technologies in boilers and turbines, which are key equipment of power plants, we have also stepped up our R&D efforts to develop new technologies applicable to eco-friendly boilers, wind power and IGCC.

Capitalizing on our world-class quality and technology, we aim to further contribute to the development of the country’s plant industry and by extension become a leading global player. Committed to higher quality and satisfaction, we will continue to direct our efforts towards quality innovation to achieve zero defects as well as higher customer satisfaction.

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