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Baker Hughes Inc.

Baker Hughes provides the worldwide oil and natural gas industry products and services for drilling, formation evaluation, completion and production. We create value for oil and gas producers by providing practical and reliable technology to find, develop, produce and manage oil and gas reservoirs.
Baker Hughes operates in over 90 countries worldwide providing products and services to international oil companies, independent oil and gas companies and national oil companies. 

Baker Hughes recruiting programs reach students from universities on five continents and our development programs provide opportunities for them to advance their careers.

Drilling & Evaluation includes divisions that apply their products and services primarily during the drilling process to improve efficiency, reduce risk and acquire accurate information. The segment includes Baker Atlas, Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids, Hughes Christensen and INTEQ.

Completion & Production includes divisions that apply their products and services primarily during the well completion, field production, transportation and refining processes. The segment includes Baker Oil Tools, Baker Petrolite, Centrilift, and the Production Optimization business unit. 

Baker Atlas provides wireline-conveyed well logging, data analysis and perforating services for formation evaluation, production and reservoir management. Baker Atlas has a strong reputation for data accuracy, superior well-site execution, and people-oriented service. Baker Atlas is a technology leader in wellbore imaging, wireline formation testing, and magnetic resonance logging, and in acquiring data in high pressure high temperature wells. 

Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids provides fluids systems and services that help optimize the drilling and completion processes, maximize hydrocarbon production and manage drilling waste, even in demanding deepwater, high temperature and hostile environments. With its PERFORMAX™ high performance water base mud system, Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids is a leader in meeting requirements for operational efficiency and environmental compliance.

INTEQ provides directional drilling, measurement-while-drilling (MWD), logging-while-drilling (LWD), and wellsite information services. INTEQ’s AutoTrak® rotary closed loop drilling system has set the standard for horizontal, extended reach, designer profile and geosteering applications. Other recent drilling technology innovations include the VertiTrak® vertical drilling system and the X-Treme® downhole motor. Advanced LWD capabilities include resistivity, density, porosity, acoustic, pressure and magnetic resonance measurements. 

Hughes Christensen provides Tricone® and PDC drill bits, ream-while-drilling tools and drilling optimization services. Hughes Christensen engineers work in Design Application and Research Teams to match the right bit to the formation for optimum drilling performance. Recent technology innovations from Hughes Christensen include Genesis® PDC bits, UltraMax® metal-sealed Tricone® bits and HedgeHog™ impregnated diamond bits. 

Baker Oil Tools provides completion and intervention solutions that help manage cost and risk while optimizing production. Baker Oil Tools is the world’s premier completion and wellbore intervention supplier. The division has a comprehensive line of completion systems, which maximize performance and safety from the sand face to the surface. Wellbore intervention solutions address issues ranging from temporary well abandonment and fishing to casing exits, wellbore cleaning, and isolation, remediation and stimulation operations. 

Baker Petrolite provides chemical technology solutions for hydrocarbon production, transportation and processing, and also delivers pipeline integrity services. Baker Petrolite is a leader in oil/water separation technology and in solutions to control corrosion, deposition, bacteria and H2S in producing wells and production facilities. To serve refinery and petrochemical customers, Baker Petrolite provides chemicals and technical support to enhance plant processes, improve productivity, manage water treatment, and resolve environmental issues. 

Centrilift provides artificial lift systems, including electric submersible pumps (ESP) and progressive cavity pump systems, as well as specific engineering, project management and well monitoring services. Centrilift has expanded the applications for ESP systems to harsh downhole environments such as high gas to oil ratio, heavy oil, high temperatures and abrasive laden fluids. New systems also address the needs of coalbed methane and subsea production. 

Baker Hughes formed its ProductionQuest business unit to provide technology and services that help maximize recovery from both new and mature fields. The unit provides production optimization services centered on the well bore, including permanent monitoring, chemical automation, intelligent production systems, and consulting services. The unit integrates technologies from QuantX Wellbore Instrumentation, Luna Energy and Nova Technology businesses and from Baker Oil Tools, Centrilift and Baker Petrolite.

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